Introduction Module

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The Introduction Module is presented by Anne Reddie, former Principal of Rivendell School.

It is designed to give an overview of the project’s working definition of student wellbeing and to briefly describe the modules that are included in the toolkit.

The module invites schools to check that all of their staff are on the same page in regards to their own definition and working practices related to student wellbeing. It suggests that this is a good preparation for schools and would ensure the best use of the other professional development modules in the toolkit.

It gives a brief introduction to the following modules:

  • Understanding disturbed behaviour
  • Adolescent psychiatric disorders in the classroom
  • Understanding transference and countertransference • How mainstream schools make integration work
  • Confident Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Debriefing
  • The Making Choices Framework
  • Tips for SLSOs supporting integration
  • Individual Management Plans.