School-Link is a partnership between NSW Health and the Department of Education which focuses on improving the mental health of children and young people in New South Wales. 

School-Link Newsletters

School-Link Winter Edition 2017

Responding to Mental Health Complexities

School-Link SWSLHD developed this resource to assist schools in responding to complex emotional, behavioural and/or mental health situations. While many school staff have the skills and confidence to deal with these difficulties, a significant number report feeling overwhelmed and lacking in confidence to respond. These complex presentations can be thought of as a ‘mental health crisis’ within the school. The booklet contains background information and practical elements such as a checklist of “Planning for the student to remain at or return to school” and other useful information.

Responding to Mental Health Complexities Booklet 

School-Refusal: Every school day counts

School-Link SELHD developed this resource to assist education staff and the families that they work with in identifying and supporting children and adolescents who are avoiding going to school in the context of mental health difficulties. This resource provides basic information for primary teachers, high school teachers and parents/carers in understanding school refusal and what can be done to help support children and young people who are refusing to attend school and experiencing mental health challenges.

School Refusal Booklet 2017

School Refusal Parent Handout