Student Leadership

The Rivendell Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of students from the different Rivendell school programs. Any student interested in participating in the SRC is encouraged to become a student representative, regardless of their length of stay at Rivendell.

The SRC at Rivendell School provides students with opportunities to discuss issues relevant to the student body, engage in constructive dialogue with peers and adults, and contribute to team projects with a sense of leadership and purpose. All of these opportunities can contribute to enhancing students’ overall well being.

This group of students work hard over the year toward several engaging projects including innovative fundraising activities to support school programs and charities like Legacy and CanTeen. The Rivendell SRC are also committed to their goal of connecting with, and supporting, local agencies.

A standout ongoing project for the Rivendell SRC is preparing for, and running, a fundraising market stall. The student representatives hold a market stall once a term at Concord Hospital, and sell handmade products to fund raise for school programs. This project provides students with the opportunity to practice money-handling and business skills, and facilitates positive connections between our school and the wider community.