Music therapy has long been a part of all Programs at Rivendell School, where the students have been involved in weekly sessions. For some of them, this culminates in a performance for the school community at the end of each term. A range of musical expression can be involved in these sessions including drumming, piano, keyboards, guitars and singing, all in a wide range of styles that the students are interested in.

Music therapy has been extremely popular with students who see this as a beneficial way to express themselves and be involved in such an engaging activity.

Music Therapy has been shown by many peer-reviewed academic studies to be beneficial for participants’ mental health and is a protective factor when these individuals are put under stress.

During the Storyweavers exhibitions, some of the students involved in the music therapy sessions perform a highly engaging live set of original compositions. Also as part of our Storyweavers exhibition, the students work with a professional musician to produce recordings of their own work which forms a key part of the artworks.