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Curves of Pursuit – Geometric Artwork

September 24, 2020 To conclude our Geometry unit with creative flair and a dose of fun, our students designed these eye-catching “Curves of Pursuit” artworks in Maths lessons this week. To complete the activity students needed to draw upon their fine motor skills, … read more

Lawson Program Personal Interest Project: Formula One Racing

September 23, 2020 In the Lawson Program, time is set aside each week for students to work on a personal interest project (PIP) of their choosing. Many of our students enjoy dedicating this time to creative pursuits such as model making or art, … read more

Spring has sprung in Walker

September 15, 2020 Spring has definitely sprung in the Walker courtyard, with the newest addition of the enclosed trampoline, along with many new flowers & vegetables planted by patients. The trampoline was part of a $10,000 grant that was won for the Walker … read more

Rainy days = badminton tournaments

September 9, 2020 With the weather washing away any chance of outside activity today, we took our sporty cohort indoors where a badminton tournament was quickly scribbled onto the back of a staff member’s notepad and, after a quick warm-up, the 6 participating … read more

Lawson Program Happenings

September 9, 2020 The Lawson Program allocates time on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for various extra curricular workshops and activities. Monday afternoons are set aside for gardening and during this session we work in our vegetable, herb and succulent garden, sowing seeds, … read more

Magnetic Slime experiment

September 9, 2020 During Week 7 Science classes, we have focussed on magnetism. The students combined both physical and chemical elements in making magnetic slime. Some of the ingredients used were: water, PVA glue, borax, iron filings and food colouring. We documented the … read more

Library News

September 3, 2020 The library team is excited to announce a new literacy program has begun at Rivendell School.  Each day at 12:30pm, staff and students spend 15 minutes away from their computers and their desks to immerse themselves in the world of … read more

House of Cards Challenge

September 2, 2020 This week’s assembly theme was all about interesting architecture from around the world. We looked at the symmetry of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, the geodesic domes of the Eden Project in Cornwall, England and the perfect proportions of the … read more

Rivendell’s Great Garden Pot Competition Launch

August 27, 2020 The Rivendell School Student Representative Council are launching a school wide garden pot competition and are calling on all programs to find their green thumbs and get involved. Supplied with a half-wine barrel, potting mix and a limited budget of … read more

Sewing face masks in Yaralla

August 13, 2020 During homeroom, Yaralla students have been learning how to sew their own face masks using a pattern provided by The Big Community Sew (a British initiative empowering community members to create their own face coverings).  Students applied their mathematical skills … read more