Science Robot Rally

This term in Science, students have been learning about: Motion, Energy and Robotics. We have covered topics including balanced and unbalanced forces, mechanical advantage and engineering. Students have loved the project-based learning component of this unit which involved working in teams to build a VEX Robot. 

VEX IQ kits allow students to apply the skills and concepts that they have learned, to build and program working robots.

This week in Science, students completed this term’s project: to build a race-winning robot using principles of torque, speed, gear ratios and mechanical advantage. Students learnt about the engineering process and were asked to continually test and improve their designs. 

Students used an evaluation sheet to self assess their own and their peer’s designs. They were asked to score themselves for research and design but also teamwork and creativity. Many students added additional design features including pre-coded race paths and omnidirectional wheels.