Out and about around Sydney exploring art

This term our Stage 6 Visual Arts students attended an excursion to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to view the ARTEXPRESS 2021 exhibition. ARTEXPRESS is an annual art exhibition which showcases a selection of artworks made by HSC Visual Arts students. Rivendell students had a lovely time despite the wet weather and enjoyed the opportunity to view a selection of outstanding artworks developed for the HSC examination in 2020. The exhibition provided insight into students’ creativity and the issues important to them and allowed our students to connect with and relate to artworks made by other students in NSW.

The exhibition encompassed a broad range of approaches and expressive forms, including ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, mixed media works, documented forms, printmaking, photography, sculpture, textiles and fibre, and time-based forms. These highly resolved bodies of work demonstrated a creativity, resilience and sustained investigation of the very complex world and times in which we live.

Students benefited both socially and academically from attending the excursion to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. They were engaged and excited by seeing other student works and in turn this provided them with clarity and ideas for their own bodies of work.

It was lovely to hear Rivendell students sharing their thoughts and ideas around their art making practice and experiences. It was also great to hear they felt they were able to really connect with and relate to the work. 

The excursion to the Art Gallery of New South Wales to view the ARTEXPRESS 2021 exhibition was a great experience enjoyed by all those who attended and one that Rivendell students look forward to each year.