Music Is Everything – from the Just Write program

As explained in a previous blog post, Rivendell students have been engaging in a new weekly writing program called Just Write.

During these sessions one of our students chose to work with staff on developing an opinion piece, and they have been encouraged to share this article with the school community.

For so many students, and for many people in general, writing can be really difficult, but the opportunity to share work with an audience can add a real sense of purpose and help with the process. This student in particular was motivated by the chance to share their views and opinions more widely. 

Music Is  Everything by G. S.

Music has an incredible ability to create connections all around the world between people, communities and cultures. Music is everywhere. It is a part of our daily lives. Many people don’t realise how much music influences their lives. Do you even know how much music to listen to every day? 

Music plays in so many places and sometimes we don’t even realise. We hear music when we are watching a movie, an advertisement, or even a street performer. We also hear music in the shops, when we are taking an elevator, and even in a public toilet. Music in the elevator is a great example of creating connections because in some situations it will make it less uncomfortable. Just imagine, a colleague that you work with gets into the elevator, greets you, and then it’s total silence. Elevator music can make this all different, it breaks the awkwardness. This is actually why elevator music was invented. When elevators were first invented the purpose was to calm fearful passengers who were riding in an elevator for the first time. Since then, the calming and relaxing music used in elevators can now be found in shopping centres, airports, and telephone hold systems. Once again, elevator music saves the day.

There is also a relationship between music and our mood. Sometimes people listen to music that affects their mood, and sometimes we seek out music to match our mood in a certain moment. When it’s a cloudy day and you’re feeling blue, you might seek out the quiet quality and calming effect of classical music. Or, for many people, even if they are single, when they hear a love song, they can still relate to the lyrics and have a sense of happiness. The relationship between music and mood is always there. So just remember, don’t listen to too many sad songs when you’re already feeling sad.

Music contains messages and stories too. Musicians use it to share things and provoke empathy.  The beauty of music is that these things can be expressed less harshly and it is easier for people to understand, and helps keep stories alive. Music is a universal communication; you don’t have to be able to read textbooks or understand data to know what has happened. The Archie Roach song, Took the Children Away, is about the Stolen Generation and it is more touching than any words on their own because its has more warmth than a textbook. 

Music is a precious gift given to humanity, it makes the world less boring and more interesting. Music can’t be separated from the human experience. It makes the world a better place.