Rivendell Library Excursion

Last Friday, the Rivendell Library Workshop group attended our first-ever library excursion. The Green Square Library has won numerous architectural awards for its clever geometric design and incorporation of green space within the urban environment of Zetland; a perfect starting point for us to learn about good library design. 

We were excited to explore the site to inform our inquiry into new practices and ideas that we could incorporate into our own library. Students loved the clean and relaxed feel of the multi-functional library. There were simple, yet effective strategies used to display books, such as  photocopied enlarged covers on display. We plan to copy this display method at Rivendell to showcase novels in our collection. 

We observed the variety of content in their collection, from electronics to non-fiction genres, graphic novels and zines. Feature artworks and landscaping were used to create visual areas of interest. We also discussed their specific selection of young adult and graphic novels and took note of texts we would like to add to our library collection.