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Education Week at Rivendell School

August 6, 2020 Education Week is an annual celebration of NSW public education and the achievements of local schools and students. This year, Education Week ran from Monday 3 August to Friday 7 August 2020 and the theme was ‘Learning together’. The 2020 … read more

Another sweet week in Sulman

August 5, 2020 Our year 12 students are currently hard at work preparing for trials whilst our year 11 students have found themselves on the better side of a wave of assessment tasks; so when a  Sulman staff member stumbled upon “The Best Triple … read more

Volleyball Anyone?

July 2, 2020 In Sulman, we are making the most of the glorious Rivendell grounds and the sensational winter sun by incorporating social games of volleyball into our day. Breaking up our rigorous academic schedules with a quick game of volleyball is a great way … read more

Science Learning Centre: Engineering Challenges

July 2, 2020 This term, the Stage 4 and 5 Science Learning Centre students have been studying The Physical World. Through this Physics unit, students have learnt about lever and gears, kinematics and forces. Many students have particularly enjoyed the practical components, which … read more

Collaborative Mosaic Creation in Paterson

July 2, 2020 Over the last few weeks the Paterson students have been making the most of the beautiful weather to design and create a mosaic together. They each designed their own section and then they collected and arranged the tiles. The students … read more

Year 11 Visual Arts – Australian Suburbia

July 2, 2020 This term, Year 11 students in the Sulman Program have been enjoying studying the works of Australian artists, Robyn Sweaney and Howard Arkley. The subject matter for Sweaney’s artwork is her immediate environment – the home, garden and the suburban landscape, exploring the notions of Australian … read more

Walker Workshops – Storyweavers

June 19, 2020 Whenever Storyweavers workshops roll around it is always a happy time for Walker, and a much appreciated change to the learning space for the students. This year the Storyweavers project is focusing on the theme of “Connection” – a particularly … read more

Celebrating Health and Fitness at Rivendell

June 10, 2020 Some of our keen Rivendell School students have continued to sustain physical focus and motivation, taking on weekly circuits and outdoor runs to keep fit whilst the school gym is closed. Rivendell School acknowledges that fitness and movement is an … read more

Walk to Yaralla Estate

June 4, 2020 This week the Yaralla program took advantage of the clear weather and sunshine and went on an excursion to Yaralla Estate. Originally the home of Thomas Walker and his daughter Dame Eadith Walker, Yaralla Estate can be accessed by Rivendell … read more

The Lawson Podcast

June 4, 2020 Students in the Lawson Program have been using their Friday workshop time to take to the airwaves with a new podcast. After receiving professional podcasting equipment, the students were motivated to come up with a unique podcast idea, titled “Awkward … read more