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Paterson’s Music Lessons

February 19, 2020 This term, we have some enthusiastic and talented songwriters in the Paterson program. These students are working together to write and record a song by the end of this term. So far, they’ve been engaging in song writing exercises, class … read more

Lawson’s Love Assembly

February 18, 2020 Last Friday, Lawson hosted the whole school assembly on the topic of Valentine’s Day. We taught Rivendell School all about the history of Valentine’s Day and St. Valentine, who performed marriages in secret after the Emperor, Claudius II, decided that … read more

Paterson’s Cooking Lessons

February 17, 2020 This term in the Paterson program, we have been working on improving our cooking skills and food handling practices. Our students (and staff) have been working hard in the kitchen to closely follow recipes and make some amazing dishes. So … read more

2019 Year 12 Graduates: University Update

February 11, 2020 At the end of 2019 Rivendell School staff, students, families, friends and members of the community celebrated our six Year 12 leavers who achieved the award of Higher School Certificate. We now, with great warmth in our hearts, celebrate their … read more

Sulman Photography Sessions

February 6, 2020 This year, there is a small group of Stage 6 students completing the Year 11/12 Photography course through Sydney Distance Education High School. These students have enjoyed working with light, shape, focus, movement and editing techniques to capture creative compositions. … read more

Back To Pikelets

January 30, 2020 It’s back to school time and the Lawson program have started off with a cooking bang. On Thursday, we cooked ‘bara pyglyd‘, also known as ‘pyglyds’, but you probably know them as pikelets (baby pancakes). Originating from Wales, pikelets were … read more

Coronavirus – Department of Education statement

January 30, 2020 Advice ahead of school returning: The NSW Department of Education is working with NSW Health to monitor and respond to the unfolding international Novel Coronavirus situation. The NSW Government has today requested that children who have visited China in the … read more