Rivendell School flying high

We couldn’t think of a better way to end the 2020 school year on a high than taking the whole school on an excursion to the Sydney Trapeze School for a day of circus skills, camaraderie and, of course, attempting the fear-facing flying trapeze.

Our students turned out in impressive numbers with some programs recording perfect attendance on the day. On offer was a selection of workshops which each of our four groups rotated through: mini tramp acrobatics, juggling and plate spinning, aerial silks and the day’s highlight – climbing more than 8 metres up a rickety ladder then swinging high up in the rafters of the giant tin shed on the flying trapeze.

The team at Sydney Trapeze School were so supportive of our student and staff participants and each individual was able to set their own goals with no pressure to follow through and ample encouragement from the STS team and from their peers to challenge themselves to reach these goals.

Some students set themselves the challenge just to climb the ladder (which was reported by most to be the scariest part), others were able to float gracefully off the ledge and swing freely through the air with a grin on their face before falling into the enormous net below.

A couple went even further and were able to invert their bodies, mid-flight, hooking the legs over the bar and dangling their arms downwards, waving to onlookers below.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the day. It was a wonderful way to end our school year and a joy to watch our students so engaged and supportive of one another as they faced these new and exciting challenges. We will definitely be heading back for some more circus fun in the new year.