Lego Store Excursion

Last Friday, Yaralla took our first excursion outside Rivendell School in our new school bus. It was a great opportunity for us to take advantage of the easing of restrictions while developing social skills through interacting with the general public.

This year, Rivendell School has had the goal to build educational resources that engage students and promote hands-on learning opportunities. Yaralla students have historically been huge Lego fans and our students were so excited to help with the decision making and purchase of Lego, for themselves and future students. 

This term in Yaralla we have been looking at manners as part of our social skills program and we were so proud of how our students interacted with the Lego store staff and the general public. Students applied skills we have discussed including a focus on social awareness, personal space, respect, social expectations, building confidence and independence, greetings and the benefits of social niceties. 

Our students have already begun working on building their Lego creations. In addition to the educational benefits, we have found this to be an engaging tool and mindfulness activity for students. In the future, we anticipate these fantastic resources will encourage and excite new students, helping them to feel at home and supported in the Yaralla program.