Science Learning Centre: Engineering Challenges

This term, the Stage 4 and 5 Science Learning Centre students have been studying The Physical World. Through this Physics unit, students have learnt about lever and gears, kinematics and forces. Many students have particularly enjoyed the practical components, which saw them undergo a series of engineering challenges.

One of the practical tasks this term was the “Building a Catapult Challenge”, where students studied resistance force and effort force through the creation of a catapult. Students particularly enjoyed seeing how far they could “catapult” a marshmallow down the corridor!

Another fun practical activity was the “Squashed Tomato Challenge”. This challenge simulates a real-life situation affecting farmers in Nepal. Students were required to design, build and test a way of moving tomatoes that won’t squash them. Students enjoyed working outside, in small groups, to complete this task.

In all practical activities, staff were impressed with the teamwork, innovation and creativity of our students. Well done!