Walker Workshops – Storyweavers

Whenever Storyweavers workshops roll around it is always a happy time for Walker, and a much appreciated change to the learning space for the students.

This year the Storyweavers project is focusing on the theme of “Connection” – a particularly interesting theme in light of a worldwide pandemic that has had a profound impact on our understanding of connectivity!

Of course, COVID-19 has not only meant a renewed appreciation for what it means to be connected, it has also meant that the school has had to do a number of things differently, including how Storyweavers will be run. But thankfully the easing of restrictions has meant that our wonderful professional practitioners can again return to work with the students to develop visual art installations, music and sound pieces.

This week was the first time we had Howard Matthews return to work with the Walker students and it was a pleasure to see both classes come together and embody the idea of inter-relatedness in how they worked together and playfully interacted.

The introduction task was a simple interconnected construction activity, but it brought a smile to the students’ faces and was a positive start for Walker’s participation in the Storyweavers project. Thanks Howard!