The Lawson Podcast

Students in the Lawson Program have been using their Friday workshop time to take to the airwaves with a new podcast. After receiving professional podcasting equipment, the students were motivated to come up with a unique podcast idea, titled “Awkward Vibes“.

The premise of the podcast, is all about the vibes – “what’s the vibe?”, “what are you vibing to?” and “what vibes you the wrong way?”

Students did some research by listening to other podcasts and discussing how to make a podcast successful. They also learned about how to make a podcast intriguing and interesting, as well as how much effort needs to go into the creation of a podcast to make it engaging.

Every week, the podcast has a new special guest, which could be a student, a nurse, or even a teacher (if obliged).

One of our Lawson students from the podcast has said that it is “a fun and interactive way to get to know each other” and “a good way of expressing yourself”.

Our hope is for students from all different Rivendell programs to eventually join in on the podcast fun. Stay tuned for more updates on our podcasting adventures!