Sulman Deep Speak© Sessions

The Sulman Program staff and students regularly enjoy participating in Deep Speak©, which is a set of 120 question cards, each one relevant to the issues that occupy young people as they deal with relationships, identity, emotions, beliefs and values. As senior students, the dynamic conversations that stem from these discussion prompters are often in-depth, thoughtful and considered; with students challenging themselves to share their personal opinions amongst their peers.

This week the cards selected were “what do you hope for?” and “what are you proud of?”. These prompts delivered a wide range of responses, ranging from hoping for “a better world” and “for humans to become to space faring species” to being proud of “overcoming significant challenges to become who they are today”.

Students always have the option to not share their thoughts if they are not comfortable with the card. We are proud of our students for creating such a safe space for young people to discuss these big issues, for having the courage to share their views, and for always respecting each other’s thoughts and opinions.