Lawson’s Origami Butterfly Artwork

Origami has become a big hit in one of the Lawson classrooms. The students have been creating masses of origami butterflies, among other varieties of animals for a classroom art project. The inspiration for the art work was a real branch found in the Lawson garden, which was then attached to a canvas and covered with the origami butterflies.

The process began by folding the origami paper into butterflies. Each butterfly took about 3 minutes to make and the students created over 70 butterflies! They came in an array of colours and different folding techniques, making many of the butterflies unique. The students became very adept at making the butterflies.

The next step in the process was painting the canvas that would hold the branch. One of our creative students used their amazing skills to paint a cloudy sky onto the canvas to serve as the background. It took roughly an hour to paint due to the layering of different colours required and the canvas’s large surface area.

The final step in creating the artwork was to carefully stick the butterflies onto and around the branch using a hot glue gun, which took several days.

If you suddenly feel the urge to create your own origami butterfly, you can do so by following the instructions in a handy video via this link:

Written by GNP (Yr 11 student)