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Finding Your Zen: DIY Miniature Zen Garden Workshop

September 23, 2019 Throughout Weeks 1-5 of Term 3, keen horticulturalists/”Zen seekers” partook in a do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop to create their own miniature Zen gardens. The workshop had different components each week for students to complete, with a focus on using everyday products … read more

Paterson’s Crafty Tuesdays: Macramé

September 23, 2019 On Tuesdays, the students of Paterson have been crafting items both for display in our program, and to sell for the upcoming SRC Market Stall. Students decided to try out macramé craft, which is a form of textile produce using … read more

Eggshell Geodes Experiment

September 16, 2019 During the second half of this term, Rivendell School has been running a hands-on workshop on Friday afternoons for our keen science enthusiasts! The student-led workshop allows for students to individually research an experiment or scientific concept that they would … read more

The Great Book Swap 2019

September 10, 2019 A big thank you to all those who participated in The Great Book Swap last week! The day was a huge success with staff and students from all over Rivendell coming along and donating to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We … read more

Visual Art Students HSC Bodies of Work

September 6, 2019 Congratulations to the five Sulman Year 12 students who submitted their bodies of work for HSC Visual Arts this week. The completed artworks are the culmination of many months of planning and hard work by each of the students and … read more

Paterson’s Inclusive Cooking Program

September 4, 2019 Each Wednesday the Paterson Program staff and students have been learning how to prepare and cook easy to make (and eat!) meals. For the past two weeks, Paterson have been looking at inclusive cooking and baking, focusing on the importance … read more

Book Week at Rivendell

August 30, 2019 This week, the Lawson program have been very excited about hosting our Book Week assembly and activity. All students and staff were encouraged to dress up and donate a gold coin to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.  For … read more

Ukulele Sessions in Paterson

August 22, 2019 Paterson students have been learning to play the ukulele this term. A number of the Paterson students have shown some great musical talent and have committed themselves to learning to play a couple of different types of songs. One of … read more

Walker Beats, Rhymes and Life

August 22, 2019 As part of the ongoing Storyweavers project at Rivendell School, sound engineer and musician, Michael Moebus, has been working with students from all programs in developing a wide range of sound pieces to be presented at the final installation and … read more

Sushi and Sweet Treats in Sulman

August 21, 2019 The Sulman Program kitchen has been buzzing with activity in recent weeks. Year 11 Food Technology students cooked sugar and milk-based desserts as part of the practical requirements of their studies. Creme Caramel involved making a caramel base using sugar … read more