Paterson’s Puzzling Project

Each week, the Paterson students have been challenging their brains with a series of difficult 500 -1000 piece puzzles. What began as a small project has grown into a shared passion for all students in problem solving, colour matching and finding the right fit.

So far, students have completed 4 puzzles – ranging from geographical maps, to sunsets over famous Russian buildings, to a Disney poster for one of their most popular attractions.

Puzzling has become an important project in Paterson for its mindfulness qualities. Jigsaw puzzles are an art form, one that can be used as a creative outlet and expression of artistic ability. They provide an artist with a unique opportunity to completely engage in a task and focus on nothing but the colours, shapes and sizes of each puzzle piece. This gives a “puzzler” the ability to escape in a way that no other art form will enable you to do. There have been several studies that explore the cognitive benefits of jigsaw puzzles, suggesting that puzzles have a beneficial effect on every day problem-solving skills, self-evaluation and overall perception and understanding. 

If you ever find yourself in a “puzzling” dilemma, or in need of some problem-solving, the Paterson students are well equipped with new knowledge on how to tackle any “puzzling” issues that may come your way. Our next puzzle project: Ponte Veccio in Florence, Italy!