Paterson’s Cooking Program: French Toast

Last Wednesday, the Paterson students had a cooking session, where they learnt how to prepare and cook French Toast. French Toast is a simple and delicious breakfast dish, consisting of only 4 ingredients: egg, bread, milk and cinnamon sugar. 

This was a great way for the students to prepare a dish together as a group, and learn a new breakfast meal that they can easily prepare at home. The smell of cinnamon filled the Paterson program, and was a welcoming scent for students as they continued to arrive.

The students also had the option to add maple syrup and vanilla ice cream if they wished to make it extra sweet – double yum!

The Paterson Cooking Program will continue to run on Wednesdays. We look forward to coming up with more delicious treats to assist students learn how to cook, and most importantly, to enjoy eating!