Paterson’s Crafty Tuesdays: Macramé

On Tuesdays, the students of Paterson have been crafting items both for display in our program, and to sell for the upcoming SRC Market Stall. Students decided to try out macramé craft, which is a form of textile produce using knotting techniques (rather than weaving or knitting). Instead of using rope, students decided to use soft wool in a variety of colours, that can be easily tied together and knotted. We used a simple technique of knotting strands of wool together to secure them.

The wool was tied to bamboo and tree branches, which we gathered from around the Rivendell grounds. Once we had finished the wool patterns, we turned them into wall hangings. The students enjoyed the methodical approach of tying wool to the branches, and we are aiming to try more difficult knotting patterns in the future!

In total, students completed six different colourful wall hangings, which all look wonderful. Whoever snaps these up at the Market Stall will be very lucky customers!