Eggshell Geodes Experiment

During the second half of this term, Rivendell School has been running a hands-on workshop on Friday afternoons for our keen science enthusiasts! The student-led workshop allows for students to individually research an experiment or scientific concept that they would like to explore, and then students as a group come together to carry out a chosen experiment each week. Students help staff to gather resources, prepare the methodology, analyse the risks, and as a group discuss the science behind each experiment. With a diverse range of favoured branches of science – from astronomy to physics to biology – there have been some interesting experiment ideas put forward!

Last week students focused on the scientific concept of the recrystallization process, and made eggshell geodes. Students were introduced to what a crystal is, the recrystallization process, making saturated solutions, as well as solubility.

This week students will be conducting the “Elephant’s Toothpaste” experiment, which examines rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using potassium iodide as a catalyst. If there’s time, students will also have a go at making ice-cream in a bag – which looks at the effects of salt on the cooling process.