Book Week at Rivendell

This week, the Lawson program have been very excited about hosting our Book Week assembly and activity. All students and staff were encouraged to dress up and donate a gold coin to raise funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

For our assembly, students decided to focus on the history and stories of ‘The Brothers Grimm’, and held a story-time session with the Phillip Pulman version of the macabre story The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage.

Students have been working very hard all week towards their activity session: a Quidditch match! Quidditch is the fictitious game created by JK Rowling for the Harry Potter series. The real-life adaptation of the sport was founded in 2005 by a couple of college kids in America who were looking for a variation on their normal Sunday activities. Using broomsticks and goals made from plumbing pipes, they laid the ground rules, got their friends involved, and the rest is history. Since then, the sport has grown considerably and tournaments can now be found all over the planet. 

In the planning of Rivendell’s inaugural Quidditch match, each program was sorted by our newly purchased sorting hat and of course Lawson were ‘chosen’ to be Griffindor! The studious Sulman were sorted into Ravenclaw, the kind and loyal Paterson into Hufflepuff and the clever and cunning students of Yaralla into Slytherin.  

Lawson students made posters and team sashes for all students and the energy and enthusiasm during the match was infectious!