Sushi and Sweet Treats in Sulman

The Sulman Program kitchen has been buzzing with activity in recent weeks.

Year 11 Food Technology students cooked sugar and milk-based desserts as part of the practical requirements of their studies. Creme Caramel involved making a caramel base using sugar and water, lining ramekins with the delicious praline sauce then adding a topping of custard made with egg, sugar and milk before baking in a water bath for 30 minutes. Some skill is involved in removing the cooked creme caramels from the ramekins but our talented student chefs were able to produce fine results as seen in this picture below.

Coconut Ice is a simple recipe using a small amount of milk, cooked over heat with LOTS of sugar and a dash of cream of tartare. With the addition of desiccated coconut and some pink food colouring the mixture is then placed in a small tin and refrigerated before cutting into squares to serve. This delicious treat was throroughly enjoyed by Sulman students and staff.

In addition to the sweet delights made by our Food Technology students, a few other Sulman students turned their hand to making sushi. With the assistance of staff, students cooked teriyaki chicken and prepared thin slices of carrot, avocado and cucumber to then make their own scrumptious sushi roll combinations. The art of rolling the sushi was quickly mastered and many, many delicious sushi rolls were enjoyed by all.

Feature photo credit: LookLookPrettyPaper –