“Project Newspaper Runway” Fashion Parade

Rivendell School students exhibited some very “fashion forward” looks last Friday during the whole school activity session. Run by one of our senior Sulman students, the activity asked for small groups to have a go at being avant-garde clothing designers by creating some artistic, one of a kind designs. The catch? The design brief was to only use newspaper and masking tape! Students only had 20 minutes to design and create a runway ready newspaper outfit to be modeled by a volunteer from their group.

During the allocated time, students worked together to construct newspaper pleated skirts, dresses, corporate suits, tops, headpieces, accessories, and more. There were lots of laughs as students worked together to find creative solutions for design challenges. The newspaper was fairly delicate (and limited!), and it took a few trial and error attempts before the final pieces were complete.

When time was up, volunteer models strutted their stylish new get-ups down the runway as staff and students cheered them on. One member from each team presented a sales pitch promoting their team’s outfit and explained their design influences.

In the end, every group was a winner as prizes were given out across the categories : “People’s Choice”, “Most Creative”, “Best Sales Pitch” and “Best Catwalk”. 

Students enjoyed working as part of a team and trying their hand at an activity that many of them had never attempted before. Feedback from the day was that all staff and students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Great work fashionistas!