Sulman Stage 6 Session: The importance of a “Growth Mindset”

This week’s “How to Adult” session focused on the importance of a “Growth Mindset.” Students watched the inspirational Ted Talk “The Power of Belief: Mindset and Success” by Eduardo Briceno. Eduardo passionately expresses the idea that intelligence is not fixed but comes from effort, persistence and believing in ourselves. In the session, students discussed how one’s mindset (the way we think) determines our actions, behaviour and in particular, how we learn. One quote from the Ted Talk that really resonated with students was that:

“We are not chained to our current capabilities… We can change our ability to think and to perform” – Eduardo Briceno.

The students looked at fixed mindset statements and how these statements could be changed to demonstrate a “Growth Mindset”. Instead of thinking “this is too hard, I can’t do this”, students discussed alternatives, such as “this will take time and effort”, or “I can’t do this…yet.” Discussing the simple word “YET” enabled the students to understand that their abilities and knowledge can be developed with persistence and effort.

Students also created a colourful mind map poster full of positive quotes and “Growth Mindset’ affirmations to display in the Sulman Program classroom.

Remember, for a Growth Mindset”, trying is doing. Even if you haven’t reached success yet, you are still doing it!