Rivendell Students Paint with Bob Ross

Bob Ross is a television artist who produced shows in the ’80s and ’90s and has recently become an internet sensation. Ross is known for his great hair, love of squirrels, calm voice and ability to produce a masterpiece within a 40-minute episode. He radiates positivity and, as he paints, he shares his wisdom “there is nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend” and “we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents”. 

Rivendell students were excited to not just watch Ross paint, but to paint along with him. This workshop has been the most popular workshop ever run!

Students painted along with Bob Ross using acrylic paints instead of oils and a smaller 8×10 inch canvas. We also took longer with our paintings, completing each landscape scene over 2 weeks (about 80 minutes). 

Throughout the workshops students learnt many new techniques including blending, using a dry brush and using a pallet knife. All were amazed by Ross’ ability but also surprised at how well their own paintings developed.