Sydney Story Factory come to school!

For the last three weeks Rivendell students have had the pleasure of participating in creative writing workshops with Bilal and Hannah from Sydney Story Factory, as part of Rivendell School’s Storyweavers project.

Every program has had the opportunity to work with the writers from Story Factory over a period of three weeks to create monologues exploring ideas about place – about what connects people to the places they are in, and the other people in those places.

Bilal has worked with the students to compose a series of short-form narratives, poems, and anecdotes that can contribute towards longer monologues, based on capturing a sense of place as well as exploring how characters react to different places.

It was heartening to see all students offered the chance to participate in creative writing workshops and consider how they can express their views about the spaces, places and people all around them.

Particular highlights included watching certain students wait a whole week just to see the Story Factory staff again, so they could eagerly share with them their notebooks full of writing; entire rooms full of young – and often noisy – students descend into moments of pure calm and focus as they wrote; and knowing that certain gifted creative young writers were personally encouraged by a professional writer to keep writing, and purse this creative outlet.

We can look forward to more creative projects unfolding throughout the year in the lead up to Storyweavers, and we thank Bilal and Hannah from Story Factory for getting the creative ball rolling.