The Bookman comes to Rivendell

This Thursday, we were very fortunate to have Karl ‘the bookman’ come to Rivendell School to share his fantastic collection of books with staff and students. Karl is known for his diverse selection of graphic novels, and we invited him due to the popularity of graphic novels at Rivendell School. 

Graphic novels are works of fiction or non-fiction that include images with text to tell a story. Similar to comic books which are usually small magazine-like periodicals, graphic novels are books that can be stand-alone stories or part of a series. Graphic novels are growing in popularity and are highly prized by students at Rivendell. They are accessible to people of varying reading levels and engage readers incorporation design and illustration. 

Our students loved the opportunity to be part of the book selection process. Karl allowed them to look through and read his collection before choosing books to add to our library. It was a beautiful day to sit under the trees with a book and we look forward to having Karl back at our school later in the year.