Sulman Garden Makeover

In Week 9 this term Lidcombe Bunnings Activity Organisers, Dee Isanc and her colleague, visited the Sulman program with a generous donation of herb and vegetable seedlings, compost and mulch for our vegetable garden. We also gratefully accepted the donation of secateurs, wide brimmed hats, gloves and terracotta pots.

Dee and her colleague worked with students and staff to rejuvenate the pre-existing garden bed, weeding and digging in mushroom compost for added nutrients. New life was brought to the garden through the addition of the newly planted herb and vegetable seedlings.

 Under Dee’s guidance, the students assisted with planting all of these new additions and learnt many fabulous gardening tips along the way.The students had a wonderful time learning under Dee and acquiring expert gardening knowledge, which they will continue to use to nurture the growth of our new plants.

We are very excited to maintain and observe the growth of our new garden as it flourishes, and to see the students’ hard work rewarded with some tasty vegetables and herbs that we intend to use for cooking in our program.