Stage 6 Transition Session: NESA, Disability Provisions and more!

Recently the Stage 6 (Years 11 – 12) students took part in a ‘Transition Session’ which educated students on important information that they would need to know in the lead up to their HSC.

The session covered the following topics:

National Standard and Education Authority (NESA)

  • Navigating the website:
  • Subject information and learning areas
  • Year 12 pattern of study (and Pathways)
  • Confirmation of Entry
  • Students Online website:
  • *All Stage 6 students must set up a Students Online account prior to sitting their HSC exams

Disability Provisions

  • What are they and what provisions can students apply for?
  • The application process
  • Supporting documentation – forms to be completed by health professional, teacher and student
  • NESA website: 

Transition/Vocational Education

  • Role of Rivendell School Transition Advisor
  • SDEHS Careers Team contacts:
  • Vocational questionnaires
  • Vocational online resources – JobJump, Year 13,