Food Technology Cooking Sessions

This week in Sulman, Stage 6 Food Technology students have utilised their newly learned culinary skills to create three mouth-watering dishes. The students made delicious:

  • Banana and date loaf
  • Lamb stew
  • Cheesy damper

The students even went off recipe with the lamb stew and added in the personal touches of carrots and rosemary, which added to its rich flavouring. One student bravely took on the challenge of chopping the onions, but this student used the clever trick of washing the onions (once peeled) with lukewarm water, which prevented sore eyes and tears.

Upon completing the three recipes, the students enjoyed sharing their yummy dishes with students from both the Sulman and Paterson programs for lunch. The Sulman program has been full of such wonderfully fragrant smells lately – we cannot wait to taste what the Food Technology students cook next!