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NSW schools respond to bushfires

November 12, 2019   Many schools are responding to the catastrophic fire rating that is affecting communities across the state this week. We are continuously updating the School safety page with a list of government and non-government schools, as well as TAFE NSW campuses that … read more

Storyweavers 2019 : Our Place/My Place

November 8, 2019 On Wednesday 30th October, Rivendell School held our annual Storyweavers event. The theme for this year’s Storyweavers was ‘My Place / Our Place’ and this year Rivendell School joined with Woniora Road School and Centennial Park School to create a … read more

MCA excursion and Storyweavers workshop

October 24, 2019 This Tuesday several Rivendell students and staff enjoyed a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art where the morning was spent exploring two of the museum’s current exhibitions: Today Tomorrow Yesterday which considers the impact of the past on the … read more

Paterson’s Cooking Program: French Toast

October 23, 2019 Last Wednesday, the Paterson students had a cooking session, where they learnt how to prepare and cook French Toast. French Toast is a simple and delicious breakfast dish, consisting of only 4 ingredients: egg, bread, milk and cinnamon sugar.  This … read more

Science Workshop: Ice-Cream In A Bag

October 17, 2019 Last term, students in the Science Workshop experimented with the effect of sodium chloride (NaCl) – aka rock salt – on cooling ice. Students learnt that by adding rock salt to ice, the mixture becomes significantly colder than just pure … read more

Walker Creativity

September 26, 2019 Through various endeavours, Walker students have been using their creativity in class recently. Here are some projects: In Life Skills Technology and Design & Visual Arts, this student has been creating some sculptures made from a variety of everyday objects. … read more

Finding Your Zen: DIY Miniature Zen Garden Workshop

September 23, 2019 Throughout Weeks 1-5 of Term 3, keen horticulturalists/”Zen seekers” partook in a do-it-yourself (DIY) workshop to create their own miniature Zen gardens. The workshop had different components each week for students to complete, with a focus on using everyday products … read more

Paterson’s Crafty Tuesdays: Macramé

September 23, 2019 On Tuesdays, the students of Paterson have been crafting items both for display in our program, and to sell for the upcoming SRC Market Stall. Students decided to try out macramé craft, which is a form of textile produce using … read more

Eggshell Geodes Experiment

September 16, 2019 During the second half of this term, Rivendell School has been running a hands-on workshop on Friday afternoons for our keen science enthusiasts! The student-led workshop allows for students to individually research an experiment or scientific concept that they would … read more

The Great Book Swap 2019

September 10, 2019 A big thank you to all those who participated in The Great Book Swap last week! The day was a huge success with staff and students from all over Rivendell coming along and donating to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. We … read more



Years 7-12

Caters for students with severe depressive and anxiety disorders.


Years 7-12

Caters for students experiencing a psychotic illness and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Years 9-10

Caters for students with an emotional disturbance and social skills difficulties.


Years 11-12

Caters for students not attending school because of emotional and/or social reasons, despite previous interventions.


Years 7-12

Caters for students admitted to the Concord Centre for Mental Health (Department of Health).

Gna Ka Lun

Years 7-12

Caters for students admitted to Campbelltown Hospital with an acute mental health illness.