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Toilet Paper Geometry

February 19, 2019 This week in the Learning Centre, the Stage 4 and 5 Mathematics students were set an interesting challenge – to investigate how many toilet paper rolls would be needed to cover the school’s basketball court! After many measurements and calculations, our … read more

Severus Snape – Hero or Villain?

February 15, 2019 This week in the Walker assembly we used the Harry Potter book series, and the character of Severus Snape, to get the students to reflect on how we judge character. Many of the Walker students are big Harry Potter fans, … read more

Pinch Pot Pandemonium at Gna Ka Lun

February 15, 2019 We are excited to report that we are experimenting with a variety of activities each Friday that promote wellbeing here at Gna Ka Lun. This week we focused on our first art making activity for the year which involved both … read more

Art Sessions: Painting Our Environment

February 15, 2019 In Sydney, we are currently experiencing the hottest summer on record, and Rivendell Students have been interested to explore this trend across all Key Learning Areas. We have begun art sessions at Rivendell this year, with a focus developing painting skills … read more

Sulman ‘How to Adult’ Sessions: How to… DIY Cleaning and Beauty Products

February 13, 2019 This week the Sulman students learnt all about how to make their own cleaning and beauty products from items found in their kitchen. The session focused on simple, yet effective DIY (or “do it yourself”) methods and the students all enjoyed learning … read more

Yaralla Garden Flourishes Over Summer!

February 8, 2019 One of our students is highly motivated to design and install a watering system for the Yaralla gardens ie. both the outside garden beds and pots within the internal courtyard (which is a unique feature of the beautiful Yaralla building). Following the installation … read more

Food Technology Cooking Sessions

February 7, 2019 This week in Sulman, Stage 6 Food Technology students have utilised their newly learned culinary skills to create three mouth-watering dishes. The students made delicious: Banana and date loaf Lamb stew Cheesy damper The students even went off recipe with the … read more

Maths Learning Centre: Who Owns The Parrot?

February 7, 2019 This week in the Learning Centre, the Stage 4 and Stage 5 Maths students brought learning and fun together with a problem solving activity. With a list of 15 clues and a set of puzzle cards, our Maths students were … read more



Years 7-12

Caters for students with severe depressive and anxiety disorders.


Years 7-12

Caters for students experiencing a psychotic illness and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Years 9-10

Caters for students with an emotional disturbance and social skills difficulties.


Years 11-12

Caters for students not attending school because of emotional and/or social reasons, despite previous interventions.


Years 7-12

Caters for students admitted to the Concord Centre for Mental Health (Department of Health).

Gna Ka Lun

Years 7-12

Caters for students admitted to Campbelltown Hospital with an acute mental health illness.