Candle-Making with Deb

Over the past few weeks, students have had the opportunity to participate in our annual Christmas Craft Workshop. The idea behind the workshop is for students to learn new hands-on practical skills such as tie-dye, paper craft, baking, jewellery and candle making. While learning new skills, students create some amazing gifts that they can give as presents to friends and loved ones over the holiday season. 

Last Friday students in our workshop were fortunate to learn how to make candles from our resident candle expert and craft extraordinaire, Deb. This year, Deb taught a new technique of candle-making called Sand Wax Candles which involved combining a range of scented loose wax together in a pattern, much like sand art. 

The wax candles were coloured with natural dyes and scented with essential oils. We were impressed by the students’ creativity and the unique creative approach adopted by everyone. All of the students loved this activity and we created some beautiful, fragrant gifts for friends and family.