Sulman ‘How to Adult’ Sessions: How to… Sew A Button

This term at Sulman we have continued to run our popular ‘How To Adult’ sessions. These sessions run as part of our Transition Program and aim to teach students important and practical life skills to help boost independence and confidence. After discussions in Sulman revolving around “button blowouts” being a common cause of clothes being tossed into the throw-out pile, it was decided that proactive steps would be taken to ensure this wouldn’t be the case for Sulman students anymore!

In this interactive session, students and staff practiced the valuable life skill of hand sewing various sized buttons onto a piece of material. In addition to learning this handy skill, students also enjoyed testing their hand eye co-ordination by threading the needle. The hands-on session was enjoyed by all participants, particularly when students (and staff) were given the opportunity to showcase their different button sewing techniques.