Sulman Program’s Mozaic and Painted Pots for Rivendell Garden Show

Sulman Program students and staff have been busy adding mosaic tiles, grout and paint to terracotta pots to sell at the upcoming Rivendell Flower Show.

Bringing together floral displays and show gardens from community organisations, educational institutions, up and coming floral designers and gardening personalities, the Rivendell Flower Show allows the public to view spectacular displays and evokes an elegant mix of floral artistry, styling and design amidst the beautiful architecture of the estate grounds.

Most funds raised from the Rivendell Flower Show go towards Concord Hospital’s Department of Geriatric Medicine and the Ageing and Alzheimer’s Institute. The money from the sale of our pots will return to the school and benefit our students.

Rivendell School’s Sulman Program is proud to be able to contribute these delightful, multi-coloured and original,  hand-decorated pots to the flower show. We will be part of the Canada Bay Council Stall which will be at the end of the driveway under a large pine tree. Rivendell Flower Show Website.