Lawson make planters for the Rivendell Flower Show

Lawson students have been working hard to create sale-able wares for the upcoming Rivendell Flower Show. Students decided to make chalkboard planters to sell so that adults and children can write and draw on their pot plants. They painted the pots and wrapped cute chalk packages to sell with the pots. 


Students also enjoyed learning basic macrame knotting skills to make beautiful hanging planters. The design involves a series of knots made from 8 pieces of heavy twine. While simple in design, students needed problem-solving skills and patience when making their knotted baskets but the results are outstanding!

We hope that you will come and see our work for sale in the Canada Bay Council stall at the Rivendell Flower Show on the 6-7 October 2018. Rivendell Flower Show Website.