A GREAT Day at “The Great Book Swap”

“It was such a nice, sunny day, and it was great to see everyone come together. There was a real community feel about the day.” – CH.

A big thank you to all those who participated in The Great Book Swap earlier this week! The day was a huge success with staff and students from all over Rivendell coming along and donating to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Many staff from the Department of Health also got involved by “swapping” a book and buying a handmade treat from the student run cake stall. At last count, we raised almost $200 throughout the morning! Many of the books on offer were adopted by those who attended on the day, however all books that were not “swapped” will be donated to overseas charities.

Thank you to all the students who help set up and pack up the stall, as well as the members of the Student Representative Council who opened the event and helped run the stall. Also a huge thankyou to all those who donated books as well as contributed to the cake stall. A huge achievement by all involved!