Marina DeBris visits Rivendell!

In preparation for Storyweavers 2018, Rivendell students were very fortunate to work alongside internationally renowned artist Marina DeBris. Marina (not her real name!) uses debris found in the Sydney environment to create unreal sculptures and zany ‘trashion’ items, and she was the winner of Sculptures by the Sea People’s Choice Award in 2017. Marina shared with Rivendell students how and why she became an eco-warrior and showed a presentation of her earlier art works.  

In the lead up to Marina’s visit, students collected an assortment of colourful plastic items which had been discarded on land or had run into stormwater drains and landed on Rivendell’s shores. With Marina’s vision, students used these found items to fashion vivid sculptures of sea life, which will be illuminated and displayed at this year’s Storyweavers. These creative artworks not only look amazing, but also emphasise the issue of ocean and beach pollution around Sydney.

Want to see the finished products? Well, you will just have to come to the Storyweavers: My World unveiling on November 14!