Australian Diggers visit Rivendell!

This term in H.S.I.E, Rivendell students have been learning about Australia’s involvement in World War I, especially the Gallipoli landings. Since the Gallipoli landing, Australian soldiers have become affectionately known as ‘Diggers’.

Last Friday, students in the Learning Centre were lucky enough to be visited by two Army Reserve Diggers. The Diggers were wearing their Army Reserve uniforms and one of them was in full camouflage. Both soldiers were very happy to answer students’ questions about what daily life is like for an Australian solider.


Did you know that in 1915, ANZAC soliders were required to carry 30kg in their backpacks? In their packs was everything they needed to survive, including ammunition, tools, bully beef, biscuits and photos of their loved ones. This is similar to what the Army Reserve soliders are required to carry on their expeditions.

After comparing the similarities and differences between Australian soldiers in 1915 and Aussie Diggers today, students were challenged to find one of the Diggers, who was in full camouflage, in the Jon Plapp courtyard.

Can you spot the camouflaged Digger in this photo?