Rivendell Waste Warriors!

Local crab- the local marine life around Rivendell can be negatively impacted by our waste.

Yaralla have continued their weekly plogging term, and we have lots to update you on!

For those of you who don’t know, plogging is a combination of jogging (or a leisurely stroll) with picking up litter. Armed with gloves, tongs and canvas bags, Yaralla has plogged each Wednesday morning since the start of term. Plogging has been a great way for Yaralla staff and students to get moving while also being able to clean up the natural environment around Rivendell.

It may shock you to know that in one half hour session of plogging, Yaralla staff and students collected an enormous amount of waste from the water’s edge. A Yaralla student sorted the rubbish into waste categories, and tallied what was collected.

Check out the amount of waste collected by Yaralla students in half an hour! All of this rubbish has been sorted into waste categories and counted!

She determined that most of the rubbish our program collected was plastics. This included soft plastics (including food wrappers and plastic bags), straws, plastic bottles and bottle caps.

Plastics were the most commonly picked up item while plogging.

An interesting find by a Rivendell student! This is an intact glass bottle, manufactured in 1958. We have cleaned it up so that it is ready to be upcycled by Rivendell students.

Fortunately, because we have collected this rubbish we are able to place most of the items into the correct waste bins: rubbish, paper, plastic recycling  and glass recycling.