Walker Garden Renewal

After a cold and soggy winter, the Walker students took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to get out into the garden to weed and renew.

The satisfying removal of the gardenia! Off to a sunnier spot

Students from both classrooms worked together in the warm sun to tidy the garden, remove weeds that had become large and unruly, and to even shift a large gardenia bush from one section of the garden to another.

The new, sunnier, home for the gardenia

Aside from the hard work and collaboration, what was heartening to see was how much the students enjoyed being outside and actively gardening. Many students commented on how nice it was to be outside, how satisfying gardening was, and they also made enthusiastic suggestions for how we could improve the garden.


One particular student enjoyed the session so much that they realised gardening could be used as an effective management strategy for when they returned home as it made them feel grounded, relaxed and satisfied.

It was a happy and healthy learning session with the students, and the fact that the garden was tidied and renewed was just an added bonus.

Walker staff are wishing everyone a safe and relaxing holiday break.