Sulman Update: Study Hub, Doonas and Soup Sessions!

This has been a busy term for the Sulman Program! Here are just some of the activities that have been happening these last few weeks:

Sydney Distance Education High School (SDEHS) – Study Hub

Last week, a group of Sulman students and staff visited SDEHS to meet with their subject teachers. On average, each student met with three of their teachers and all parties expressed that they really benefited from the face to face visits. Most of the students who attended caught public transport from Rivendell School with the support of staff. The day was heralded as a huge success by all with several students stating that they plan to attend the Study Hub again. This is a great result for the Sulman Program considering several of these students had never met their SDEHS teachers before. We look forward to continuing these Study Hub sessions next Term!



Cooking sessions

Sulman students have also been enjoying regular cooking sessions. This term, we have been focusing on making a variety of yummy, vegetarian soups. Some of the favourites so far have been ‘Lentil and Spinach’, ‘Potato and Leek’, and next week we plan to make the classic Minestrone. In the creation of all soups, we have utilised herbs and vegetables from the Sulman garden. The soup making sessions have been a huge success, with many students indicating tthat they will try recreate the recipes at home to try stay warming during Winter!



How to Adult Sessions

Up in Sulman, we have also been continuing our engaging and popular ‘How To Adult’ sessions. These sessions run as part of our Transition Program and aim to teach students important life skills. Recently, the students took part in a session where we looked at various ways to put on a doona cover. The interactive activity provided a lot of information, and was also a lot of fun! Particulalry when we were debating which strategy was the most effective and whether it is called a doona or a duvet! (The jury is still out on that one…)



Stay tuned for the next Sulman update!