Fishing with the Get Hooked Crew

On Friday, 1 June, 2018 some of the Rivendell staff and students had the chance to attend a whole day fishing workshop experience around the Inner West harbour area.

The people from ‘Get Hooked…. It’s Fun to Fish’ educational program provided an inspiring and interactive day based around the key basic principles and elements regarding fishing, from stringing a hook into a line, to mock casting a rod while trying to hit a target. We then finished off the day with some light and relaxing fishing.

Some of the students and staff did manage to get a fair few fish hooked and reeled in, but due to the poor weather conditions we had to cut the day slightly short and head back to Rivendell and warm up.

A huge thank you to the Team from ‘Get Hooked ….It’s Fun to Fish’ for coming out and providing another fantastic and knowledgeable day to our students and also staff.

For further information regarding this wonderful program, please follow the link  Get Hooked …. It’s Fun to Fish  to see the whole value of their program.