Lawson’s delicious start to the day

Lawson students kicked off their Friday morning with a bang, by starting off the school day with a hearty big breakfast. 

Breakfast is integral to fueling the body and mind, and enhances concentration and energy levels. A piping hot breakfast was just what was needed on this chilly winter morning at Rivendell. 

This morning, the Lawson program cooked up a ‘big breakfast’. Students learned how to make pancakes and berries from scratch (the secret ingredient is vanilla essence!), and each student fried up their own bacon and egg muffins.

It was a hearty start to a chilly morning, and the program enjoyed munching on their big breakfast before heading to the Learning Centre. 

Top tips for the perfect Big Breakfast:

The secret ingredient in our pancake mix was… vanilla essence! 

Always wait until bubbles form before flipping… 

Voila!!!  Perfectly formed pancakes!

Don’t forget the bacon and eggs!