Visual Arts: Sulman Student Showcase

This term in the Sulman Program, the Year 11 Visual Arts students have been studying ‘The Artist and Modernism‘, followed by a close study of local Australian artist Robyn Sweaney.

The creative students, who study Visual Arts through Sydney Distance Education High School, have demonstrated their artistic talents through the medium of canvas painting. The two still life works showcased below were inspired by the work of Henri Matisse and his use of abstract broken colour. The third artwork below depicts a painting of the Sulman building to illustrate a perspective of ‘Australian Suburbia’ with a modernist approach.

We cannot wait to see what these gifted students produce next!

(Inspired by still life –  abstract broken colour, painted by E.C)

(Inspired by still life –  abstract broken colour, painted by N.S)

(Inspired by modernism – Australian suburbia, painted by K.T)