Hyde Park Barracks Excursion

In Term 1 Rivendell Learning Centre students had been studying the unit Movement of People 1750-1901, closely looking at how the world changed during and following the Industrial Revolution.

As teachers, we found that students really enjoyed investigating the detailed accounts of individuals during these times. Especially the reasons individuals departed their homeland, that is by voluntary or forced means, and following the individual’s journey from barbaric transportation to the shock of arriving in foreign lands.

To finish off our unit of work we set off to Hyde Park Barracks, located in Sydney CBD on the Wednesday 9th of May 2018. Sydney Living Museums were able to provide us with an enjoyable interactive experience throughout the barracks. With opportunities to dress up, work with primary sources, including maps and panoramic artwork of Sydney Cove and other relevant locations. A key learning experience for a lot of students reported was feeling “astounded, shocked and disgusted” that so many humans were sent to the other side of the world to endure such terrible conditions, just for stealing a small portion of food in order to survive. 

For most the best part of the interactive experience was the chance to try out a hammock, just like the ones the convicts would’ve slept in! After a quick afternoon nap, we headed off to enjoy a lovely picnic in Hyde Park. Thank you to everyone for all your support in ensuring all in attendance had a fun, enjoyable and safe day out in the city!