Learning Centre: English Skills Medley Relay

This term in the Learning Centre, Stage 4 and 5 English students have been studying Science Fiction, with a focus on film techniques and writing skills. Throughout the unit, students have developed valuable English skills that they will take with them into their Stage 6 studies and beyond, including effective paragraph writing and the critical understanding that visual techniques are deliberately used to create meaning in film and print mediums. As a reward for working so well, and because the English staff wanted to put the students’ knowledge to the test, the students competed in a fun, outdoor English Skills Medley Relay!

The students were put into small teams, and had to work collaboratively to complete a series of English skill challenges, which focused on the activities and content that had been studied in class. There were three rounds (4 – 5 different activities per round) and each team accumulated points along the way, with the winning team awarded the highly sought after prize of choosing which movie the group would watch (either Hunger Games or Avatar) in Week 11.

The activities involved a variety of different tasks and catered for mixed abilities, such as: describing settings and scenes using adjectives; playing “Boggle”; putting sentences into correct STEEL paragraph format; working as a team to construct a paragraph; identifying visual techniques in movie posters; and unscrambling word jumbles (just to name a few!)

It was wonderful to see students from across Rivendell not only participate in the learning activity, but also genuinely enjoy themselves whilst doing so. Students thoroughly appreciated the competitive nature of the activity, and thrived on working as part of a team.

“Thanks for making English fun!” AT.