Beetroot Bonanza

Reviews from young people: 

D.M: ‘ Yum!’

With the aftermath of one particular Yr 12 student smashing her 3 exams in 3 days, through horrible 60 minute essays, tedious equations, and confusing diagrams of the mathematical kind, she was able to push through and was found to be breathing and alive in the end. There were bountiful sighs of relief after it is all finished, and happiness and freedom from everybody. Despite all of this, she continued to look forward to the cupcakes that she was to bake and eat together with the other young people around. With the help of our SLSO, we weren’t able to contain our curiosity in creating our first ever Beetroot cupcakes, and more so, what they would taste like. And with such enthusiasm, as with all youth of today, we dived into the recipe. There were many positives especially the colourful sprinkles.

by A.L